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Everyman Theatre in Liverpool Honoured With Architecture Prize

designLast Thursday, the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool was honoured with one of Britain’s most prestigious architectural awards. The theatre’s history stretches long past the time that this award winning building was constructed though, with it originally being housed in little more than a rundown building that was based in the shell Hope Hall, an old 19th century chapel. The theatre later became an important social hub and the heart of the bohemian theatre scene in the city.

There was doubt whether the architects that designed the Everyman Theatre could pull off a style of radical artiness, but last week’s award, the RIBA Stirling Prize, laid all those doubts to rest. The company has carved out a niche for themselves and is now known as quite possibly the U.K.’s best theatre design architects.

They were involved in the rebuilding of the Royal Court in 1999 and have had an ongoing input into the redesign of the National Theatre. They’ve created wonderful architecture that captures the imagination by getting the balance right between the backstage area and the auditorium.
However, even though the firm has been operating for a significant period of time, the Everyman Theatre is the first time they’ve been involved in a new-build project, and for this reason there was significant interest in the project to see whether they could pull it off. What could they come up with when starting with a blank canvas?! The end result, however, has been nothing short of spectacular.

The area where the theatre is located is a very important part of the city, with the Modernist Catholic cathedral close by and some very typical Georgian terraces surrounding it. Theatres in general can often focus too heavily on their interior design, without paying too much attention to how their exterior will fit in with the design of surrounding buildings, but Haworth Tompkins made it their business to avoid doing this. They have integrated a stunning glazed café that runs the full length of the frontage, and the façade features a grid of shutters. The exterior also has an influence on the skyline, with an entire row of cylinder shaped brick chimneys, similar to what you see on a liner.

In terms of the interior architecture, it’s very complex, yet interesting. It features a combination of materials, including raw concrete, timber and bronze. Many of the interior spaces found inside the theatre contain walls that are constricted from bricks that were taken from the old chapel. These bricks also feature in the curved design of the auditorium, which is a very tall, intense area that brings the audience as close to the performers onstage as is possible, creating a level of intimacy not found in other theatres.

One last feature that really captured the imagination of the RIBA panel was the re-creation of a subterranean restaurant known as the “Bistro,” which was once a hub for Liverpool’s political and theatre scene.
Stephen Hodder, who is the president of RIBA, said “The architectural design of the Everyman Theatre is the perfect example of how to construct a bold and spectacular, yet sustainable building in a city centre with a great deal of history.” The design also impressed as it is something for every man, woman and child in the city.


Things You Need To Learn About Moving House

Moving house is usually one of the most stressful times you will go through in your life. For those who haven’t needed to move house yet, you might be feeling fairly positive about it; all you have to do is pack cardboard boxes and move some household furniture, right?

Anyone who has had to move house in the past will agree it may usually become a far more difficult event.

An excellent start off to any move is with a huge clear out.  Chuck away anything that you don’t use anymore, this varies from clothes to garden equipment; particularly broken ones!  The storage shed and loft are hives for discarded, unused and damaged things.moving-2

Right after throwing away as much as you can, it is time to sort out the paperwork!  Paperwork can literally get almost everywhere; magazine holders packed with editions from two yrs ago, your kitchen draws with old permission slips and paintings from your kids’ art school trip in the middle of random nails and lifeless batteries.

Clearing out the surplus stuff in your home will definitely give your new home a brand new feel and will give you a great deal more space to use, which if you’re downsizing, will help considerably in fitting everything in.The other is that it will help in making a much more organised environment in the case of unpacking, as in theory by the end of it you will have a place for all your things!

An obvious although usually overlooked rule is to avoid random boxes.Having disposed of lots of unneeded clutter, there should easily be a home in the new house for every single item you’ve kept.  Write which room each box is going to on the side of every single box to ensure that when you’re unpackign you don’t get anything confused.  This will also guide any removal company in unpacking your things more efficiently and give you a much needed head start when unpacking.

Don’t forget you will need eat on the day of the move and after you have moved in. Leave a box open with your kettle, a few plates, cutlery and whatever else you will need to eat inside.The very last thing you would like to be doing when you get to the new property is digging through boxes to find a coffee mug or dinner plate!

Remember that you may need a box to put the last of the items you use the morning of the move into; toiletries, pillows, bedding, sheets etc.  Removal firms will probably arrive very early so remember to be prepared before they arrive; have a shower and something to eat.

Having a person at either end of the move is always a great idea, this way you can get unpacking started earlier and you will have the peace of mind the removal guys are putting you items in the right place! An added bonus of doing this is that when the team leave the person at the new house to come back to the old one to re-load; the person at the new house can start to organise extra space where some of the furniture will be going before they get back.


Eviction Proceedings In England And Wales – What You Must Understand About Eviction Notices

There’s two forms of eviction notices most commonly utilized: Section 21 Notice along with Section 8 Notice Having said that, giving these eviction notices may cause numerous problems for landlords. Often it can happen that the improper form of eviction notice can be served to a renter – resulting in unfavorable consequences. This may lead to frustrating waiting times of up to a few months. Because of this, let us look at the distinctions between a Section 21 Notice and a Section 8 Notice so you will learn when you deliver what type.

Giving A Section 21 Notice

With regard to evictions, Section 21 Notice is the most typical kind of notice put to use today by landlords all over the UK. A section 21 Notice is quite easy to deliver, the most crucial aspect here is usually to keep due dates under consideration. You can find fixed term Section 21 Notices along with periodic Section 21 Notices. The first kind needs to be made if your arrangement with the renter has not yet ended. By contrast, the second needs to be made after the agreement with the renter has ended, however he / she nevertheless lives within the home.

Section 8 Notice

Its intent would be that the landlord will be able to claim back possession of a residence. There’s two main grounds this particular eviction notice can be made upon: Mandatory and Discretionary Mandatory grounds tend to be more effective: In case the judge deems that these apply, then the renter will have to promptly turn over possession. In the example of discretionary eviction grounds, it can happen that the case will require additional time before the right decision by a court can be made. In the event a renter is failing to pay rent, it may have big influence in the ultimate verdict.

When To Serve What Kind Of Notice

For most instances, you will likely use a Section 21 Notice. If rent debts are the concern, you should deliver a 8. The eviction notice you serve depends entirely on your situation. In situations where a standard tenancy concluded and the landlord needs the premises, this is where a Section 21 Notice must be put to use. It is important to understand that serving the eviction requires that you follow the mandatory two months of notice for the renter. The eviction notice needs to have the required deadlines and dates accurately stated.

Expiry Dates And Deadlines

It is essential that Section 21 is provided ahead of the upcoming date where rent money is usually due. The renter is then presented with two months time after that particular date. Possession will then be claimed as soon as the renter left (usually after about two month) or if perhaps they left the premises ahead of the actual deadline. Having said that, as a result of several factors, the whole process may last ninety days. In the case of the Section 8 Notice, the situation is less simple; if the court gets involved, then anticipate a delay of up to a few months.



Exactly What Will Eviction Bailiffs Do

Eviction Bailiffs And Their Duty At Evictions

When your landlord has been through the procedure for filing a Section 21 and / or Section 8 notice to initiate eviction procedures and happens to be granted a possession order, it will be very possible that they will work with a bailiff that assists to carry out the eviction. When this happens you need to be aware of the options that are available to you and be well prepared.

Time And Date Of The Eviction

In almost all cases, tenants are going to be informed in regards towards the date and time when the bailiffs will come to the property. This will likely appear in the form of a letter and they may well give it themselves or otherwise it may be posted to you. Usually you will be granted at least a few days notice and they will in most cases ask whether you might have any unusual situation that could require particular assistance.

Could The Eviction Still Be Avoided?

The moment the eviction procedure has moved on this much, it might be difficult to stop the eviction from being executed as planned. You need to present proof of extraordinary circumstances which prevented you from following through to prevent the eviction at an earlier moment in time. The only way this can be done is if an application has been filed at a court of law and then a judge determined that the eviction will be terminated or at least delayed.

The Day Of The Eviction

At the time of the eviction you may be expected to abide by all procedures, it will help to be prepared. The very first thing bailiffs will conduct would be to make sure that you depart the home, following that they will in most cases change the locks in order to avoid further access. Another function for the bailiffs is usually to hand back possessions which belongs to the property owner, for this purpose a associate of the property owner might be present too. When tenants won’t comply or physical resistance takes place, the bailiff has liberty to get in touch with police that will assist them, in severe cases a renter might even be arrested.

How Are Person’s Possessions Being Treated?

The bailiffs job would be to watch over the procedure, taking care of belongings would be the tenant’s obligation. The tenant’s possession might be taken out if the renter doesn’t handle this themselves. However, they will have to have a court order that enables them to touch a tenant’s belongings.

Improper Behavior By Bailiffs

Evictions can be very stressful and bailiffs must work professionally all of the time. In instances where there are severe offenses, tenants are able to check with their office and in some circumstances the matter will be brought before a judge. Provocations, assault and destruction of a renter’s valuables would be illustrations of such inappropriate conduct.


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Is a Property Void Really That Much of a Horror?

When the tenants of a property no longer live in it, it is called a home void. It’s usually re-occupied extremely rapidly, but on uncommon occasions a home can be left empty for more than a month From the landlord’s point of view, this situation can be fairly unpleasant, and sometimes catastrophic. Considering that most landlords available are utilizing the collected rent to spend mortgage rates for their property, not having a steady income in the form of rent means that they’ve to pay mortgage out of their very own pocket or perhaps take loans from banks or friends. When the earnings from the property is used to fund other indicates of earnings, like a business; then this can lead to even bigger problems.

Taking this into account the majority of landlords will strive to avoid this from happening by maintaining the home vacant for as small time as you possibly can. They do that by following a few simple rules that they are able to adhere to with out the need for an initial financial outlay. An instance of one would be to not pitch their rent too far above the area average. Usually tenants will set out having a budget in mind, and will do their best to locate a home below that budget, so will generally shy away from costly properties. Using the current financial climate being what it’s today, landlords need to move with the occasions and make small monetary sacrifices these days to ensure that they are able to still have the chance to create monetary gains within the future.
There can on occasion, for example be a genuine reason why a rent payment has been missed. Provided that it’s a straightforward error a landlord should try to avoid turning into a debt collector as most of the time good tenants will really feel bad about the situation occurring already and if not treated correctly will feel hard done by their landlord and not re-new their tenancy. This means that to improve the probabilities from the tenants staying, the landlord has the responsibility to help keep the home in great order and maintain a good relationship with their tenants. Contacting them every so often to check that every thing is ok and to ask if there’s something that they need is always a great move, this way you show your tenants that you care, even if it may need investing a bit of your personal money. For instance, if a tenant complains about the state of a cupboard or a door, rather of refusing to possess them fixed, the landlord should kindly try to come up with a answer. Performing small favours might cost a bit initially, but they can stop any losses in the future.If a landlord finds themselves having a property that’s going to be vacant for some time, it could be a good idea to use this time for renovations Items like re-furbishing the kitchen, landscaping the garden, even structural changes like knocking the residing room and dining room wall down to create an open strategy space.


Consider Spanish Real Estate – Tips For Property Investors

One thing is for sure, Spanish Real Estate is very popular and it’s not difficult to learn why this is so. Some may like to move to warmer climates and Spain is unquestionably the best destination if you would like escape the stress and rain elsewhere. You can also find people who are not necessarily looking to relocate to Spain however want to have a holiday home for their vacation trips at the spectacular Spanish beaches.

However, not all people that want to obtain property in Spain necessarily get such homes for themselves. Likewise, Spanish real estate is very popular as an investment. Renting or buying real estate in a foreign country doesn’t need to be more difficult than doing this at home: Read those tips which can help you

Real Estate In Spain

Real Estate In Spain – Some Tips

People that would like to relocate to Spain or that happen to be searching for a holiday home will not have any major difficulties especially if they are from other countries in Europe like the UK.

Traveling to Spain today is just a matter of a few hours. Those flight tickets are in addition highly affordable. This makes it quite painless if you wish to check out property in person before you buy of before you rent because you can easily book such a brief trip without a problem.

When you are looking for a suitable rental or investment real estate in Spain

Considering that Spain is extremely well-liked today in regards to real estate property you will come across a sizable number of web sites which provide all kinds of Spanish real estate. Maybe you are searching for an inexpensive flat or a luxurious Spanish villa, you will be able to browse a great number of property on the web on your own computer.

All over Spain, and in particular at the well known beaches such as the Costa Blanca you will find real estate agencies. Very often, those real estate agents will offer you real estate to purchase but they will in addition have short-term or long-term rentals and holiday homes available. You can find a particular large number of real estate agencies run by British people who relocated to Spain therefore you don’t even need to speak Spanish when you’re trying to find a place. What is your spending budget? Are you looking for a holiday home or maybe a home to relocate in Spain? This all shouldn’t be an issue when you stop by any of those letting agencies that provide Holiday Homes in Spain on the internet.

When you want to rent or purchase a holiday home or perhaps a high-class Spanish villa, you should not be surprised when the property is sold with virtually all furniture and extra luxuries such as a garden or a pool area. Generally, these homes can be really affordable making them even more appealing. For instance, you could possibly rent a Spanish apartment at the beach near Alicante as your future holiday home and this property might be extremely affordable.

It is essential that you choose a trustworthy and established real estate agency if you are searching for a place, this is not different as you would do back home or any other place. Real estate agents in Spain like those who own Holiday Homes in Catral happen to be quite familiar with regards to Spanish real estate and they can help you whichever sort of place you are searching for. Here is a special tip: If you are still uncertain about moving to Spain, why not rent a home first before buying? Without a commitment to buy, your search for the best property in Spain is an enjoyable task. Why not give your real estate agent in Spain a call right now? They will help you with all your questions you may still have.


Letting The Easy Way With An Online Letting Agency

A professional that will help to let your house or property will be extremely helpful. Not always is the letting task simple and streamlined and you wish to make certain all things are done efficiently. Should you use an online letting agent, they will help you in every aspect, such as selecting the best tenants for you. In that case, just what exactly should you think about when you are evaluating online letting agents?

Take into account what your personal requirements for the letting agency will be. Some landlords can well take care of all the forms, although might request and require an online letting agent to find the appropriate tenants. After you’ve made this decision you might then be ready to compare agencies. Some may offer both options though others could possibly specialise in one or the other.

Before choosing the appropriate online letting agency, understand what type of services they give you prior to making your choice. Seeing as there are lots of differences, you should invest some time and evaluate them diligently. This is a listing of numerous services online letting agencies may possibly offer:

Some Factors For You

• Exactly where will they be located? Is there a local office?

• Are they professional and quick to locate new tenants for your property?

• What additional tips and methods to get tenants will they have?

• What packages do they really offer and what is contained in the cost?

You’ll want to note down all those factors and not hesitate to ask them if you are uncertain with regards to their assistance.

Yet another factor you should think about when you compare this kind of online letting agencies is whether they are independent and / or whether they are associated with and depend on an estate agency. When you compare agencies with regard to letting, do remember that a number of letting agencies offer to get tenants for your property on the premise that if they cannot manage to achieve this within a certain time frame, then you have nothing to pay. Then again you will need to find out if the agencies you are considering provide this. It may well be that you must pay a one off fee in order to have your premises for let listed using the agent.

Do not get lured in by suspiciously cheap prices for their services. When a certain agent features very low fees then ensure that you check over what you’ll get for your money. You should definitely understand about these charges ahead of time. If an online letting agency offers comprehensive packages in which everything is presented clearly together with the fees, this can be a much better option. A huge advantage to do research on the web is that you could check out the agency by investigating testimonials from those landlords that utilized the agency before. If you know the company did a solid job for a number of other fellow property owners already, you could be very certain they may do an equally good job letting your own property.


Part 1 – Buy-To-Let Property beyond London Should Be On Your List


Increasingly more people in the United Kingdom today are looking beyond London when it comes to buy-to-let property. Sometimes, regional locations outside the capital can provide quite some opportunities for investors.

One good example for this is an analyst from London who purchased her first property two years ago. Rather than in the British capital she acquired a property in Staffordshire where she has now become a buy-to-let landlord.

She told us that see at first wanted to buy for as an investment, however the property prices in London were way out of her reach. She could not afford the major deposits required for buying a property in the capital. As an alternative, she purchased a nice home in Burton-on-Trent two years ago. The price for the home was rather reasonable with £135,000. She is now able to rent the home out for almost £600 per month.

She told us that the location appealed to her very appealing: “Many factors spoke for the home when I was doing my research before buying”. “House prices in the area are certainly reasonable and the town offers everything what you could expect, such as a good school and great shopping opportunities as well as an established hospital. When I bought the home, I immediately realised that it would be a good area for renters”.

As opposed to her initial goal to invest she does not expect massive capital growth, however aims to cover her monthly costs with the rental income. “I do not manage the property myself so I hired an agency for that purpose. But with the rental income I can well cover those expenses and it’s a good additional income to have”, she told us.

Not too long ago she bought her very own home in the capital’s South side and is slowly but steadily increasing her portfolio.

The situation is pretty much the same for 24 year old Mohammed Al Radi. At the moment he is renting a two-bedroom apartment together with a roommate. He tells us the property prices in London are way too high to consider investments there. He found an attractive studio apartment in Liverpool instead. “This market offers many good opportunities if one only knows where to look”, he tells us. “The key is to know beforehand whether the investment will be a good one. Of course, not everyone has that ability. But my family is in the investment business for some time already so I have plenty of help making good decisions”.

“What’s good about that property is that it is fully managed. For me it means I don’t need to worry about finding renters along with all the other things a landlord usually has two deal with”, he says.

According to a new study by one major British real estate website, http://ashparker.com more and more generation renters from London are now looking towards other opportunities in towns such as Stratford or Bethnal Green. Property in those areas is a very good way to get on the property ladder fast as compared to London where the prices are simply out of hand for many prospective home owners.


Part 2 – Buy-To-Let Property beyond London Should Be On Your List


Many of those who aim to invest in property do so in areas they are familiar with such as in towns were they went to school or university previously. One reason is that familiarity with a location means to know about the local contacts which can be very valuable. So it is no surprise that many first-time investors are student landlords with a history in Oxford.

Another good example for the increased interest by investors beyond the capital is a new development in Jericho. The project comprises of a number of apartment units ranging from £400,000 to over £1 million. Investors from London show a keen interest in the project. An industry analyst tells us that investors more often than not prefer safer options such as rental units over more risky investments in the capital. The rental market in those locations can provide them this security.

The manager at Brighton and Hove letting agents, David Thorne says that he deals with first-time landlords from London all the time. “It is clearly a decision between a potential high capital growth and the more secure monthly income from rent”, he tells us. “Returns may be lower in the South when compared to some locations more North. But investors know that they will get good protection as well as high demand for rental accommodations in the South”.

“In order to determine whether an investment will be good it is important to consider whether the rental valuation is accurate. For that reason I always tell my clients to seek help of a specialist who can evaluate property in that regards”.

Due to the increasing demand on the housing market in London and at the same time an increasing number of generation renters, capital values in London are much higher as compared to anywhere else in the United Kingdom. For that reason, many think that London property regardless what kind or type would be the preferred long-term investment as compared to even better property outside the capital.

The head of an online letting agency from London tells us that those want to invest in London still can do so: “Fact is that we have a major imbalance in London between the amount of money necessary to purchase and the potential returns. The majority of those who want to invest see property as an alternative to their pensions. At the same time they want income from it. This is one reason why increasingly more looking beyond the capital”.

“There are great opportunities in towns such as Liverpool, Hull or Swansea. As compared to most of the property in London, most of those are not flats but nice homes. Aside from those locations investors should also consider Brighton or Kingston upon Thames”, he tells us.

“In this industry it is all about to know what you actually want”, says Mr Davis. “For most future landlords the capital is not cost-effective due to the high prices. And this is when you start looking somewhere else. No doubts about it, there are plenty of opportunities outside London today”.